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Economic Law

This business area, which is very important for our legal counsel, offers a multitude of facets which must be taken into account in order to find the ideal solution for the client. Our support comprises especially the following areas:

  • corporate law
  • tax law
  • insolvency law
  • labour law
  • sustainability management

We advise entrepreneurs and companies with respect to all questions of corporate law. We support our clients in the important structural decisions like the selection of the adequate company form, the establishment or transformation of companies. As a matter of course, we also include tax aspects. We support the sale and the purchase of companies and advise on arrangements for the company succession, taking into account aspects of inheritance and family law.

Company Law

The economic life of today is characterised by high dynamics with a multitude of changes. We and our employees support you in all phases of business life and show you how you can successfully use these changes for your benefit.

We competently advise you on the establishment of a company in any legal form. Before you make a decision, we inform you about everything which you need to know in respect of establishing the company. When structuring the company agreements we always place great emphasis on the objective so that the newly established company is tailored exactly to the needs of your economic purposes.

We also consider it as our task to advise you on your day to day business. Board members as well as managing directors and chief executives face new challenges every day. In many cases, they have to make decisions of enormous economic importance in a very short space of time. For this purpose, it is necessary to examine at an early stage which legal risks a certain decision could constitute.

Our lawyers have many years of experience in supporting companies and are always available. They explain to you any alternatives there might be and are able to develop efficient solutions quickly.

Your advisors:
Jörg Fricke (Berlin)
Jens Wagner (Berlin)
Klaus Fella (Erlangen)
Sebastian Koch (Köln)
Mathias Ryschka (Berlin)