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Real Estate Law

Real estate law comprises various facets in which high professional skills are required.

In our office, the field of real estate law is organized in concentrating on the following main points:

  • real estate transactions
  • private and public land law
  • building contractor law
  • commercial and private tenancy law

Real Estate Transactions

Our consultation service for real estate transactions comprises of not only the examination of contracts in terms of their legal content and the drafting of agreements, but the clarification of all questions regarding financing and tax law.

We analyse and evaluate legal risks and formulate individual sets of agreements which guarantee optimal economic results.

Your advisors:
Jörg Fricke (Berlin)
Klaus Fella (Erlangen)
Jens Wagner (Berlin)

Private and Public Real Estate Property Law

Land law comprises cases of dispute on possible rights in immovable property.
This includes the heritable building right as a property-equivalent right as well as other rights in rem, which again comprise easements, limited personal encumbrances, land charges, beneficial interests, rights of preemption and mortgages (registered mortgages, hypothecary credits, and annuity charges).

Also falling under the land law are all public-law related questions connected with the use of an estate.

Within this area we not only advise you and draft agreements for you but also secure your rights against administrations or in court cases.

Your advisors: 
Jörg Fricke (Berlin)
Kristin Kirchhoff-Mackensen (Berlin)

Building Contractor Law

The interface between land law and sales law is the building contractor law. Normally, the contractor undertakes to construct a building and to convey the property.
We advise building contractors in all fields of their day to day business, e.g. the purchase of an estate, financing, the sale and sometimes the confrontation with the rights of purchasers.

Your advisors: 
Kristin Kirchhoff-Mackensen (Berlin)
Kai Landvoigt (Berlin)
Mathias Ryschka (Berlin)
Sebastian Koch (Köln)

Commercial and Private Tenancy Law

We advise our clients in all matters of commercial and private tenancy law. While the BGB (German Civil Code) in its section for residential leases contains various regulations for the protection of tenants, in commercial tenancy law there exists freedom of contract to a great extent.
We support investors, owners and landlords in these fields, especially by contract design, notices of termination or increase of rent.

Your advisors:
Jörg Fricke (Berlin)
Kai Landvoigt (Berlin)