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Tax Law

With our tax department and our lawyers working in this field, we offer competent advice in this very complex, dynamic field of law. We conduct proceedings and lawsuits regarding tax law and at fiscal courts, provide support regarding audits and advise with regard to M&A procedures. In corporate law, the law on foundations and endowments as well as commercial law we support our colleagues with competence relating to tax law.

In our offices in Berlin and Erlangen, we have over ten assistant tax consultants who actively support our other professionals with regard to the

  • preparation of accounting,
  • conduction of payroll accounting,
  • preparation of annual accounts,
  • handling of tax returns,
  • examination of tax assessment notes and
  • preparation of saving suggestions for clients.

Thus we can assure you of an immediate handling and processing of your questions relating to taxes or tax law on the highest level.

Your advisors
Klaus Fella (Erlangen)
Jens Wagner (Berlin)

Insolvency Law

Especially in times of economic crises, it is often the case that companies find themselves in financial difficulties which endanger their continued existence. In such situations we develop concepts together with our clients to ensure the continued existence of the company.
In the area of restructurings and recapitalisations we prepare solution concepts while taking the legal, tax and business issues into consideration. We accompany you at meetings with banks, suppliers, municipalities and ministries.

Labour Law

The main emphasis of our work lies in the comprehensive advice to our clients in all questions of labour law. As entrepreneurs, we know exactly the needs and wishes of our employer clients. Therefore, we offer you pragmatic and accurate solutions for day to day business in your company. Especially in labour law it is important that legal counsel is not just juridical profound. In crucial negotiations with workers councils or employees practical know how, knowledge of the line of business and an exact feeling for the negotiation situation are as important as the legal knowledge.

Sustainability Management

Companies are more and more measured and also measure themselves on how they follow their ambitions for a sustainable development. These company-internal provisions are joined by legal regulations such as the biofuel sustainability regulation (Biokraft-NachV) and the biomass power sustainability regulation (BioSt-NachV). We advise and accompany our clients in these areas during the mandatory statutory certification procedures starting with the preparation of the application forms up to the granting of certificate.